Bring Lovely Nutrients To Your Hair Roots With

Wooden Comb

And Groom, Nourish Your Hair


Groom yourself with the natural goodness, from which the Company Name is crafted. Meant to groom, de-dander and nourish your hair, the comb is an excellent tool to add to your daily grooming routine.

  • Totally Handmade
  • Made in USA
  • Wooden Comb
  • Natural


Get The Best Natural Comb Ever!

The strong, perfectly polished teeth of these combs don't just get the tangles out, they effortlessly glide through them. And yet, the teeth are also fine enough to use for styling.

Because of natural variations in materials, the appearance of your comb may vary slightly from those pictured here. Take note of the complex shaping and detailed handwork. The grips flare out at the spine to comfortably fit in the hand, and the areas between teeth are hand filed to prevent snags.

Works Like A Magic

The feel of wood on your scalp is amazing. It sort of gives you a mini scalp massage when you use it.

No Static

Even No static either! This helps to increase the blood flow to the scalp.

Works Great

The natural wooden fibers work great to condition your hair.

No Side-Effect

Wide-tooth wooden combs don’t tend to pull or break the hair. And in my opinion combs are a better option than brushes, especially if you have curly hair. They glide through smoothly and make detangling so much easier. Comb your hair in sections that way it’s easier to undo the tangles.

Perfect Size

You can choose your comb with perfect size for you.

Excellent Result

It will give the excellent result to make your hair more attractive. Regular massage with a wooden comb will normalise the oil production.

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What are you waiting for?

This comb makes an excellent Groomsmen Gift and we can custom engrave each groomsmen's initials into the comb.

Sign up today and we can customize an order for you with multiple combs or different varieties of wood and with or without engraving.

Want to see a handmade comb come alive and learn more about our wooden comb?

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